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I am pretty sure that I've been sexually submissive my entire life.

I put up with my emasculating ex for 8 years, and probably would have continued our degrading relationship if she hadn't decided to cut me loose.

I have a decent job, make a decent salary, live in a decent apartment. Well she certainly had an abundance of spending potential, so that was good riddance. She let me eat her out several times a week, but the last couple of years of the marriage we didn't have intercourse. Sometimes she'd come home drunk from one of her trysts, climb onto my face in bed and demand that I perform oral sex for her.

It took me three years to pay off the fucking credit cards she'd maxed out. I'd put my tongue inside her and get a mouthful of some other man's jizz. Then she'd ride my mouth to a couple of intense orgasms and fall dead asleep afterward, while I lay beside her, horny, humiliated and frustrated.

" I said that I wasn't sure, but I'd like to find out. I paid, got back in the car and drove around back to near the room. I like to protect myself." I pulled a 0 bill from the ATM out of my wallet and laid it on the table. " "No Jamella, I'm not at all like that, I said as I started to remove my shirt. I'd kind of like you to force feed me your pussy and make me worship that awesome big ass of yours." "Your shittin' me," she spluttered. " "No Jamella, I'm not really interested in intercourse. I got down on my knees and crawled over to her and looked up at her face. I yelped in pain as the carpet abraded the bottom surface of my penis. She had a big fat round belly below two huge pendulous breasts tipped with enormous chocolate brown aureoles. I'll let you know when I want you to use that tongue." As I kissed her large crinkled brown anus, I felt something slip under my scrotum and come back up on both sides, crossing over the top of the base of my penis. However, you keep talking sweet to me like that, and do everything I tell you, maybe I'll loosen my grip a little." "I will. I'll worship you like a goddess." "All right then." She sat back down smothering me under a mountain of fat. Work it boy." I lapped at her anus hard for a few seconds, then began to try to insinuate my tongue inside her. Twirl that nasty tongue around mamma's hole." Within a minute I felt Jamella tense, and her anus puckered noticeably. Her turd projected at least six inches out of my mouth, which was literally packed with her shit. Her shit was pretty nasty, but the threat of the garotte helped me overcome my initial revulsion to this act. I could feel the wire cutting into my cock and scrotum, semi-strangling my man parts. I'm gonna whale on your sorry ass for vomiting out my turds. Jamella ran her hand gently and possessively over my bottom as I sobbed pathetically.

My social skills still basically suck at the age of 43. She said I lacked ambition and had inadequate earning potential."Thank you Mistress, that was the most intense sexual experience I've had in years! Tell me that you will never refuse to eat my pussy or suck from my ass ever." "Oh Mistress, I promise to always obey you and to submit completely to your control. I promise to never put my lips or tongue on another woman without your express permission.Oh my god, thank you for allowing me to service you orally." She pulled me up further and rested my cheek on one of her baggy breasts. I solemnly vow to serve unquestioningly as your pussy and ass slave. It is your prerogative to lock my penis in a chastity cage and free it only when and if you choose to do so.You can order me to do whatever and use me however you wish. Two enormous buttocks protruded prominently from her backside, and her thighs were thick with fat and muscle. I'm gonna use your face as my seat." I quickly climbed onto the bed and lay down. She wiggled her butt slightly to settle in and snapped, "Now, get that pink tongue of yours up my asshole. You don't do exactly what I say, I'll slice your junk off. "Get your ass into the bathroom, boy." I did and she followed me in, instructing me to drop the free turd into the commode. An Oakland street hooker had me at her mercy and was demanding that I eat her shit or else. As I forced down a third swallow of her feces, a wave of nausea hit me like a tsunami and I lurched forward, retching into the commode. Now lie on the bed face up, I'm going to fuck your tongue. She lowered herself again and soon my tongue was inside her, busy satisfying her needs.Jamella fooled around in her purse for something and climbed onto the bed, her huge ass hovering over my face. You are going to tongue out my butt but good." My response was unintelligible. You don't give me the best tongue job of my life, I'll slice your junk off. Then she wrapped the garrotte back around my organs and pulled the wires tight again. Unfortunately, my mouth was still mostly packed with her shit, blocking my oral cavity from esophagus to lips. You'll be finishing your rinse with that and swallowing all of it." Unable to resist her, I knelt and tilted my head back, mouth open. Jamella was very verbal, calling me her pussy slave and telling me where to put my tongue and how to move it. " I went back to my ministrations, my eager and submissive tongue probing and teasing Jamella up the mountain to her peak.

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