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Cece offers to come get Schmidt, which is lucky because when he finally goes outside and leaves Jess alone, he discovers that the tires of his black Ford Flex have been stolen.

She drags Kyle off her and attacks, leaving Schmidt to have to throw her over his shoulder and walk her out the door.But she makes it much worse, giving her a smoky black beard. Once Jess has seen her wearing it, Kyle urges her to take it off, which bothers Cece because he can t appreciate innocent fun.She winds up embarrassing herself in front of him but takes Cece s advice and agrees to go out with him.Winston promises to get a day-of reservation at Pica, one of the hottest restaurants in town, and Jess excitedly declares the evening a double date plus one.She reveals to Cece that where she s from back in India, women cry for days over the fact they don t know their husbands intimately before marriage, and her fears are nothing new.

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The following is a list of notable people who are listed or reported to be dyslexic, or who some people thought were dyslexic, or more generally whenever there is an urban legend or popular myth about their being dyslexic.

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