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That I finally am going to see the rewards of all I have worked so hard for.

The New Year will bring good things for me and I am ready to face the world.

For years I've been challenged to smile confidentally due to my personal financial challenges.

Thankfully you have provided me with the assistance of me with the assistance I needed and you partnered me with the most amazing denstist. I will be forever grateful to you for helping me Sincerely, Dear Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Program This message is in regards to the award of the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant.

I would like tothank the committee that approved me and the grant program itself.The lack of money always stopped me from going forward in obtaining a life long wish.Now, because of this grant I am able to see that all that I have wished for is truly becoming a reality.I so appreciate this grant and I am so very happy to have found you!Keep up the great work and there will be amny more bright smiles for it.

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