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2017-09-14 Catholic Herald (Diocese of Madison) (Madison, WI) - Address root causes of worsening extreme weather2017-09-14 Pasadena Star News (Pasadena, CA) - A step back on pollution2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail (Edmonton/Calgary, AB) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail Metro (Ontario Edition) (Toronto, ON) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail (Ottawa/Quebec Edition) (Ottawa, ON) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail (Victoria/Vancouver, BC) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail (Prairie Edition) (Winnipeg/Regina, SK) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail (Halifax, NS) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Eagle (College Station, TX) - Opinion pieces did not further climate change discussion2017-09-14 Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake, IL) - Government (sic) need to do more to reduce carbon emissions2017-09-14 Santa Cruz Sentinel (Santa Cruz, CA) - What can you do about climate change?

2017-09-08 Palm Beach Post (West Palm Beach, FL) - Will Harvey, Irma wake climate deniers?

When the media give it the coverage it deserves2017-09-22 The Province (Vancouver, BC) - Revenue neutrality not the only carbon tax model2017-09-21 The Charlotte Observer newspaper (City of Charlotte, NC) - An idea to address climate change2017-09-21 Sentinel Review (Woodstock) (Woodstock, ON) - Best Carbon Plan2017-09-21 Boston Globe (Boston, MA) - Carbon fee is our climate ‘moon shot,’ and it’s well within reach2017-09-21 Houston Chronicle (Houston, TX) - Duty to the Environment2017-09-21 Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake, IL) - Citizens needed to fight climate change2017-09-21 Daily Journal (Franklin, IN) - Letter: We must do better in climate fight2017-09-21 The Valley Voice (New denver, BC) - Back to school on the Climate bus2017-09-21 Santa Cruz Sentinel (Santa Cruz, CA) - Listen to scientists about climate change2017-09-21 Petaluma Argus Courier (Petaluma, CA) - Climate politics2017-09-21 Howard County Times (Baltimore, MD) - Charged up by options for electric vehicles2017-09-21 Toronto Star (Toronto Star, ON) - Pipelines not the way to meet climate targets2017-09-21 Herald-Times (Bloomington, IN) - Leading Internationally on Climate Change2017-09-21 Elyria Chronicle Telegram (Elyria, OH) - Some Republicans accept climate change science2017-09-21 Gazette-Times (Corvallis, OR) - The two faces of climate change2017-09-21 The American Legion (Indianapolis, IN) - Paris Climate Pact2017-09-21 The Southside Times (Greenwood, IN) - Can you impact carbon-induced climate change?

2017-09-20 Deseret News (Salt Lake City, UT) - NASA's Expertise Helps Us Reflect on Climate Change2017-09-20 Herald Times (Bloomington, IN) - Support a Carbon Fee2017-09-20 Towns County Herald (Hiawassee, GA) - What are we doing to our earth?

2017-12-17 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - Take more aggressive action to reduce oil production2017-12-17 Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Atlanta, GA) - Global warming giving us more extreme events2017-12-17 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - Bigger strides on the consumption side2017-12-17 Hattiesburg American (Hattiesburg, MS) - Climate change impacts food security2017-12-17 The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) - Renewable energy essential to future2017-12-15 The Register Guard (Eugene, OR) - Letter to Editor2017-12-15 Lewiston Sun Journal (Lewiston, ME) - Find Solutions for Climate Change2017-12-14 Houston Chronicle (Houston, TX) - Hard rains and wild fires2017-12-14 Providence Journal (Providence, RI) - New tax would go far to protect our fisheries2017-12-14 Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC) - It’s time we head toward clean energy2017-12-14 Washington Post (Washington DC, DC) - A wake-up call from China2017-12-13 Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA) - Climate change2017-12-13 Louis Merlin (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - Respond to dangers of climate change; get involved2017-12-13 Long Beach Press Telegram (Long Beach, CA) - Carbon fee and divdend2017-12-13 Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA) - Carbon emissions2017-12-12 Stevens Point Journal (Stevens Point, WI) - Climate change intensifies weather events2017-12-12 Logan Herald Journal (Logan, UT) - Climate change effects all around us2017-12-12 St. Cloud, MN) - If you support renewable energy let your legislator know2017-12-12 Boston Globe (Boston, MA) - Irrationality is no match for the threats of global warming2017-12-12 Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) - Renewable energy is on the march2017-12-12 Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune (Wisconsin Rapids, WI) - Climate change intensifies weather events2017-12-12 Toronto Star (Toronto Star, ON) - Carbon pricing can’t stand alone2017-12-12 USA Today (Mc Lean, VA) - Climate change intensifies weather events2017-12-12 Wausau Daily Herald (Wausau, WI) - Climate change intensifies weather events2017-12-12 Marshfield News-Herald (Marshfield, WI) - Climate change intensifies weather events2017-12-12 The Sudbury Star (Sudbury, ON) - Most perfect gift ever2017-12-11 (Cleveland, OH) - Renewable energy is an essential part of a sustainable future2017-12-11 Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT) - Path to Positive Utah initiative is a sign leaders are taking climate change seriously2017-12-11 Prior Lake American (Prior Lake, MN) - Transitioning to clean energy is the right move2017-12-11 Belleville Intelligencer (Sudbury, ON) - Clean energy economy needed2017-12-10 Longmont Times Call (Boulder, CO) - Finding my voice in Citizens' Climate Lobby2017-12-10 San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, CA) - Climate change making California wildfires worse2017-12-10 Evansville Courier and Press (Evansville, IN) - Trees, climate change connected2017-12-10 Daily Camera (Boulder, CO) - Finding my voice with Citizens' Climate Lobby2017-12-09 Bakersfield Californian (Bakersfield, CA) - none2017-12-09 San Diego Union Tribune (San Diego, CA) - California wildfires: Extreme weather events a sign of things to come2017-12-08 Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA) - So Cal wildfires2017-12-08 The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) - PPL moving too slowly2017-12-08 Portage County Gazette (Stevens Point, WI) - Climate crisis is fueling storms here2017-12-08 Portage County Gazette (Stevens Point, WI) - Scientific articles support human role in climate change2017-12-08 The Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ) - Protect renewable energy in tax bill2017-12-07 Boulder Weekly (Boulder, CO) - Acting on behalf of that for which we are thankful2017-12-07 Durango Telegraph (Durango, CO) - Money: the universal language2017-12-07 Express-Times (Easton, PA) - Palm oil production threatening orangutans2017-12-07 Deseret News (Salt Lake City, UT) - Carbon County Deserves Support from a Sustainable Energy Economy2017-12-07 Catholic Herald (Diocese of Madison) (Madison, WI) - Do our part to live Laudato Si’2017-12-07 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - California is on fire — in December. Cloud, MN) - Offering subsidies for renewables make sense2017-12-05 Centre Daily Times (State College, PA) - Does Trump Finally Accept the Truth?

Congress, do something about climate change.2017-12-07 Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Fayetteville, AR) - Grateful for Pope Francis' Insights on Climate Change2017-12-07 Argus-Leader (Sioux Falls, SD) - Letter: Re: ‘My Voice: Junk science is killing us’2017-12-07 Jordan Independent (Jordan, MN) - National climate change policy needed2017-12-07 The Leader Post (Regina, SK) - Saskatchewan party's Proposal is just a Smokescreen2017-12-06 The Woodlands Villager (the Woodlands, TX) - Continuing Climate Change Debate2017-12-06 Prior Lake American (Prior Lake, MN) - Urge Congress to take action2017-12-06 Chetek Alert (Chetek, WI) - Citizens’ Climate Lobby combats climate change:2017-12-06 Kelowna Capital News (Kelwona, BC) - Climate Denier should check his facts2017-12-06 Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) - Think fact-based news on climate, too2017-12-06 Kelwona Capital News (Kelwona, BC) - Climate Change Misinformation2017-12-06 Kelowna Capital News (Kelwona, BC) - Fake news claim needs some backing2017-12-06 Roanoke Times (Roanoke, VA) - Changing Climate Bipartisanship? 2017-12-05 Washburn County Register (Shell Lake, WI) - The CCL Solution2017-12-05 San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) - Bipartisan proposal2017-12-05 Charleston Gazette-Mail (Charleston, WV) - Letter: Reader differs with Hoppy's EPA review (Daily Mail)2017-12-05 Lexington Herald Leader (Lexington, KY) - Support Climate Plan2017-12-05 The Woodlands Villager (The Woodlands, TX) - Address Man-Made Component of Climate Change2017-12-05 Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL) - Mayors leading way on climate change2017-12-04 Brantford Expositor (Brantford, ON) - More Than Slogans2017-12-04 Sentinel-Review Woodstock (Woodstock, ON) - Substantive Policies2017-12-04 Stratford Beacon Herald (Stratford, ON) - Substantive Policies2017-12-04 The Daily Press (Timmins, ON) - ‘My planet at the end of its rope’: reader2017-12-03 Pasadena Star News (Pasadena, CA) - Greening California2017-12-03 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI) - Good job, zoo2017-12-03 Arizona Daily Sun (Flagstaff, AZ) - Carbon fee gaining traction2017-12-03 Carteret County News-Times (Morehead City, NC) - Surface Temperature vs.

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2017-09-09 The Daily Mining Gazette (Houghton, MI) - Climate wounds on civilization2017-09-09 Charlotte Sun (Englewood, FL) - Congress Must Act on Climate Change2017-09-09 Austin American-Statesman (Austin, TX) - Climate change at fault for deluges from Harvey2017-09-08 Yakima Herald-Republic (Yakima, WA) - Why we must act on climate2017-09-08 Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM) - Fossil fuel tax may protect U.

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