Updating assemblyinfo

The encoding for the file was set to ANSI and for UTF-8. So I switched the setting for the file to ANSI, executed the script and all was good!

I’m not sure why Visual Studio is changing the encoding for these files, but it looks like a bug to me.

I am not planning to update Slow Cheetah for Visual Studio "14".

If you would like to see support for transforms in VS "14" I suggest you vote, , on the uesrvoice item at

For example consider this simple script (sample.cmd) that I created with Notepad.

Transforms.targets will not exist in the %localappdata% folder.

When you click on this for the first time the add-in needs to make some changes to your project file so you are prompted to accept that.

After you do the following changes are applied to your project file.

We are listening to that channel so please do submit your feedback. This was really annoying to me until I find out what was happening.

I noticed that Visual Studio (2010 at least, but I think previous version as well but not sure) was changing the encoding of my files to be UTF-8!

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